All Your Bass '18 also features a whole host of activities outside of the main festival programme. 
Check out the events below!


Pixel Heads presents:
The Sound Of (videogame) Music


Royal Concert Hall - 20th January 2018 11am – 3pm

Tickets available here


Join us for an extra-special Pixelheads session as part of All Your Bass, our music festival celebrating videogame music and audio.
You love music. You love videogames. You want to make videogame music but you just don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Come with us on a journey into creating electronic music - with code!
That's right, we'll show you how to write music and perform it live by writing simple code. Design your own sounds, create your own melodies and become a Superstar Raspberry Pi DJ.

That sounds really cool but it also sounds really hard, right? You'll probably need to know loads of music theory and be a coding genius? Absolutely not! You don't need any coding or music experience - we'll show you everything you need.

(although you might want to bring a pen in case you need to sign autographs for your new fans).

Nott Listening

10am to 5pm,
Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January.

The Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham, in collaboration with ‘All Your Bass’ Videogame Music Festival is proud to present Nott Listening, an exploratory audio walk around Nottingham City Centre. Specially crafted spoken stories and original music accompany you as you walk, immersing you in a rich sound world controlled by your movements and your location. View the City Centre streets through a new lens and peer into the lives of the people you meet along the way.


Nott Listening commences from The National Video Arcade, 24-32 Carlton St, Nottingham, where you can loan the required equipment (e.g. smart phone and headphones). The walk is free to do, but you will need to leave some security with us while the equipment is in your possession (e.g. keys, purse, ID). 


Times: 10am to 5pm, Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January.


Limited spaces are available, so we recommend that you book a slot in advance by calling Adrian Hazzard on 07983416504 or by emailing locativesound@gmail.com 


Original texts written by members of the University of Nottingham Creative Writing Society, Jocelyn Spence and Adrian Hazzard. Original music composed by James Torselli and Adrian Hazzard. 

The National Videogame Arcade Sound Archive

11am to 2pm
Saturday 21st January


Graphics are great, controllers are cool, but let’s not forget the sounds of videogames - blips and bleeps, the catchy jingles, the satisfying click of a jump button or a joystick - we want to make sure these sounds are preserved forever. That’s why we’ve launched the National Videogame Arcade Game Sound Archive and we want your help!

We want to record the sounds of your videogames. We also want to capture your memories, recollections, and reminiscences about these games because we know how much they mean to you.

So, bring along a game whose sounds you think should be part of the collection, clear your throat, put on your best speaking voice and get ready to talk us through the soundtrack of your life. The recordings will become part of the British Library’s sound collection

What can you bring? Anything! (As long as it makes some sound!) It can be old or new, popular or obscure - it’s up to you. Obviously, handheld and portable systems are easiest but if you do want to bring in that full-size Star Wars arcade cabinet, call us in advance!

To take part, come to the National Videogame Arcade from 11am-2pm on 20th Janauary.

Let’s make videogame history!

All Your Bass is produced by The National Videogame Arcade

in partnership with

The Royal Centre, 
The Japan Foundation,
 University of Nottingham, 
Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.