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Pixelheads : Ear Candy - the sound of videogames

They're called *video*games but let's not forget that they're not just about graphics - videogames make noises too! But how much do we really know about those noises, how they get created, and how they affect our experience of gameplay?

Join games studies Professor and composer James Newman for an interactive demonstration of sound and music:

* try out the mixing techniques used to build tension as we get close to that crucial end-of-level battle
* find out why jumping in videogames sounds the way it does - and design your own jumping sound effects
*  listen to some classic game soundtracks and find out how they were composed

Come along and make some noise! (no previous musical experience necessary!)

Please note that this is a PixelHeads event, and all attendees must be signed up to the PixelHeads Association. Signing up is quick and free - you can do it here!

Later Event: April 12