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Mega Drive Championships 2017

It's Back!


The Mega Drive Championships are open to all those who remember how easy it used to be to pick up and play videogames! No need for tutorials, help screens, excessive narratives or save states, just three buttons and a d-pad is all you need to get the action going.


There is no need to remember excessive combos or agonise over confusing maps or puzzles, when a quarter circle and a punch should launch a fireball and the general philosophy of "head right and occasionally jump" will suffice. Even the most novice 16-bit gamer can enjoy a simpler and purer era of videogames.


The Mega Drive Championships return in 2017 with eight awesome 16-bit titles to test the participants:


  • the speedy platformer with attitude; Sonic the Hedgehog
  • the explosive chaos of Mega Bomberman
  • the fast and frantic Micro Machines '96
  • the epic tennis sim Pete Sampras Tennis
  • the gritty and mean Streets of Rage,
  • the intense arena of WWF Royal Rumble,
  • the slogfest of Greatest Heavyweights and
  • the classic tournament fighter; Super Street Fighter 2


1-player challenges, 2 player head-to-heads or multiplayer death matches. The winning conditions for each game has been fiendishly tweaked to ensure that players are put to the ultimate test.


Play for the love of enjoying some classic games on a console long abandoned by time, or possibly play to collect points and to win some games... to climb to the very summit of the leaderboard and bestow upon yourself the ultimate honour; to lift the tournament trophy and be crowned the Mega Drive Champion.


To take part, use the form below or e-mail:

Participation: £10


We will also have a separate console set up with a number of exhibition games being showcased throughout the day. Members of the public are welcome to turn up and enjoy some great Mega Drive titles: Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Gunstar Heroes, Mickey & Donald's World of Illusion, Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat II and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker are the six games people can pick up and play.

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