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The Sega Mega Drive will be 30-years old in October, however, the Mega Drive Championships will once again demonstrate, over an array of 16-bit titles, that this console and its games are truly timeless.

On Sunday 5 August the opportunity to pick up a controller and mash some buttons through some great Mega Drive games returns to the NVA.

1-player challenges, 2 player head-to-heads, cunning team games and multiplayer death matches. The winning conditions have been fiendishly chosen to ensure that players are put to the ultimate test. Nine games await those who want to bask in the nostalgia of Mega Drive action:

  • The rapid platform action of Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • The gore fest fighting of Mortal Kombat 2
  • The bare knuckle ride of Road Rash 3
  • The explosive chaos of Mega Bomberman
  • The tight indoor football of FIFA '97
  • That frantic fight across time: Eternal Champions
  • The consuming arcade classic of Ms Pacman
  • The speedy space shooter: Hellfire
  • The mean and gritty sport of Speedball 2

To take part e-mail: Participation: £10

This is an event for anybody who remembers video games without lengthy introductions, lengthy tutorials and lengthy stories. Where running to the right and beating a boss will usually achieve victory. When completing a game and viewing its fleeting ending sequence was worth all the endurance before, as saving was not an option. No internet connection required.

We will also have a couple of separate consoles set up with several great Mega Drive games that members of the public are welcome to turn up and enjoy.

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