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Summer at the NVA: Story Games Full Day Workshop

Pixelheads: Summer at the NVA: Story Games Full Day Workshop
10:00am - 4:00pm
Ages 12+
16 places 


The NVA is celebrating analogue week!


‘You come to a clearing in the forest… A well lit path leads to the left and a darker, overgrown path leads to the right. Which path will you take..?’


This workshop is about exploring interactive stories. You will learn how to create your own interactive story game using the software Twine. You will develop your creative writing skills as well as learn a little HTML programming to bring your stories to life as interactive games.


(This workshop is a full day workshop. Participants may want to bring a packed lunch or consider using our Cafe facilities)

This is a PixelHeads event. In order to make parental consent quick and easy, we ask that everybody who attends this event is signed up as a PixelHead. Once it’s done, we have all the consent we need to accept your child onto any of our events.

Later Event: August 25
PixelHeads : Saturday Club