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Summer at the NVA: Story World Building Workshop

Pixelheads: Summer at the NVA: World Building Workshop
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Ages 10+
20 places 


You find yourself in a village called Ebongate. Thin rickety wooden houses line the cobbled streets and figures dressed in dark hug the shadows, waiting for you to step just one toe out of place so they can strike. Meager old ladies sit in porches, eyeing you suspiciously as you walk by, perhaps plotting to curse you for looking at them in the wrong way.


You push the door to the only tavern in town. The smell inside hits you like a hurricane, and you choke. A mean-looking half orc nods in your direction as you enter, spits in a dulling tankard and rubs a greying rag along its rim.


“Heard any rumours lately?,” you inquire.




This week is analogue week at the NVA and our resident dungeon master will be walking you through how to build a world that will engage, immerse and captivate your players. Come and play a large scale D&D session and learn how tabletop practices can be utilised in video game development.

This is a PixelHeads event. In order to make parental consent quick and easy, we ask that everybody who attends this event is signed up as a PixelHead. Once it’s done, we have all the consent we need to accept your child onto any of our events.

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