write me a city from your tales
— Sheriff Solarte-Tobon, Circa ad. 1200


The Winner of the 2015 Sheriff's Gauntlet, here seen dressed as a cat, receives her prize from the Council of Legends. Also, Albert Einstein. 

This October half-term week, we’re inviting you to take part in FREE activities all across Nottingham as part of our celebrations, as we mark the fourth year since the tradition returned to our fair city.

This year, the Sheriff has put their Writer’s Guild back together in an attempt to capture tales of Nottingham.
Receive your training then go forth and fill the city with stories of your adventures with your imagination, and just a little bit of code.



Join us from Monday 30th October through until Friday 3rd November to learn how to use Twine, which allows you to create your own ‘Choose your own adventure’ games  across the entire city of Nottingham.

Spend the week exploring the culture and charm that our brilliant city has to offer, whilst learning coding software that is completely free to use at home!

Free training sessions for this will be delivered on Monday 30th October and Tuesday 31st October. You must attend one of these sessions.


Whatever happens, make sure you join us on Saturday 4th November to take part in the Sheriff’s Gauntlet trials!

It will be a test of wit and imagination, where you must hunt down the stories of Nottingham and discover their secrets in order to win The Gauntlet Prize.

Who will triumph and take home the prize that thousands before have sought after?

You’ll just have to join us and find out.

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