We know that you know there are lot of benefits to playing videogames.

From learning creative skills, to socialising, to being inspired to create their own - videogames can offer a rich and unique activity for people to explore and enjoy.

But, we also know that videogames come with complications, challenges and questions.

They’re not always easy.


Welcome to NVA Parents!


This is the centre-of-gravity for all the parents that use the NVA, both now and in the future.
It's a combination of resources, activities and shared experience that can support families in getting the most out of videogames.

There’s going to be a combination of published resources on our website, a mailing list, events and drop-in meetings at the NVA and lots more ideas as we have them together.
It’ll form a valuable community where we can talk and support each other.

Here's how you can get started.


1. Join the mailing list.

We'll keep you up to date with everything that we're going to be doing. We'll also be posting updates on here and on our social channels.  


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2. Come to our FREE Parents Drop-in.
First one on Feb 4th, with Gogglebox Vicar and NVA regular Rev Kate.