NVA Venue Manager


The BGI is looking for a floor-based venue manager to oversee the day-to-day running of the relocated National Videogame Arcade visitor attraction at its new location in Sheffield city centre.

We are looking for someone who is dynamic, outgoing and able to take on a challenge. You will have a professional, customer focused approach and a can do attitude.

You will initially be involved in the running of the Carlton Street, Nottingham venue until the scheduled closing date of 2nd September, after which your working location will be Castle House, Angel Street, Sheffield. Ultimately you will take responsibility for the building whilst open to the public - including back of house areas - and follow up on all issues as appropriate with the overriding objective of providing visitors with a safe and engaging experience.

To achieve this you will have to regularly interact with visitors, manage the customer service team and volunteers effectively, liaise with key contacts and manage budgets.

Job Details

Department: Operations
Job Title: Venue Manager
Accountable To: Head of Operations
Location: The National Videogame Arcade, Castle House, Angel Street, Sheffield
Salary: £20,000 - £24,000 per annum, depending on experience
Hours: 40
Usual Working Pattern: Wednesday to Sunday inclusive

Deadline for Applications: 14:00 Friday 20th July
Send applications to jobs@thenva.com with the subject “NVA Venue Manager Post”
Applications to include Cover Letter and CV

Interviews to take place in Nottingham

Duties and Responsibilities

Take ownership of the day to day running of the NVA

  • Act as duty manager, opening and securing premises.
  • Ensure all services are operational at the scheduled times.
  • Ensure operational and service checklists are completed thoroughly.
  • Maintain a high profile in public areas, especially during the busy periods.
  • Using initiative to suggest and/or take positive steps to improve customer experience.
  • Ensure that cashing up is carried out at the agreed times and banked in a timely manner, in accordance with financial procedures
  • Ensure compliance with any financial and related procedures.
  • Ensure that all cash is controlled and accounted for, floats and tills are reconciled, sufficient provision of floats and safes properly maintained.
  • Act as the primary key holder and primary responder.

Oversee the maintenance of the venue

  • Ensure that all health & safety, fire and building regulations and procedures are complied with.

  • Ensure that a high level of cleanliness is maintained in the venue and associated areas.

  • Review and update Risk Assessments, and ensure understanding amongst venue staff

  • Record incidents in the incidents log.

  • Report issues to the appropriate party and ensure resolution.

  • Liaise with external suppliers as necessary.

Manage crew and volunteers

  • Take full responsibility for the rostering of venue staff and volunteers.

  • Organise and deliver the induction and training of staff.

  • Ensuring staff are punctual, in correct uniform, and complying with the general guidelines outlined by the management

  • Take responsibility for inputting, checking and updating venue staff payroll information and wages.

  • Invoke the disciplinary procedure as necessary, in liaison with the Management.

  • Over see the recruitment and selection of additional staff.

  • Undertake regular performance reviews of staff.

  • Ensure all human resource policies and procedures are adhered to

  • Through empowering staff, develop a highly motivated team, flexible and multi skilled team who take pride and ownership in their work.

  • Take responsibility for inputting, checking and updating venue staff payroll information and wages.

  • Coordinating venue staff holiday requests

  • Ensuring all venue staff files are fully completed and all required documentation has been provided and correctly completed

Oversee the retail offer

  • Oversee the management of retail stock.

  • Order stock and ancillary goods as required from nominated suppliers.

  • Ensure the secure and safe keeping of stock, goods and equipment, ensuring that stock is accounted for and that control procedures are complied with.

Manage Corporate Hospitality

  • Be the point of contact for venue corporate hospitality.

  • Promote the use of facilities to outside users.

  • Prepare quotes for external hire.

  • Organise venue hire.

Liaise with the Management Team

  • Attend weekly meetings with members of the management and curatorial teams to plan updates to the gallery and processes.

  • Supply weekly reports to the management team.

  • Proactively implement agreed strategies.

To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

Skills & Abilities Required

  • Team management

  • Venue and retail management

  • Good communication skills and clear spoken and written English.

  • Able to work flexibly within a team asking for and giving support as needed

  • Organised, ability to recognise priorities and assign tasks and deadlines.

  • Excellent IT skills: must have a knowledge of spreadsheets and word-processing.

  • Mature and responsible.

Working Hours and Conditions

  • You will be based at the National Videogame Arcade, Castle House, Angel Street, Sheffield

  • You will be contracted for 40 per week.

  • Your regular work pattern will be Wednesday to Sunday, 09:00 - 17:30 (with 30 mins unpaid lunch).

  • On occasion you may be required to start early or work late in order to unlock or lockup.

  • On occasion you may be required to start early or work late in order to power up / down the exhibitions and building or assist in the development of the exhibitions.

  • You may be asked to work more hours than your contracted hours, in such a case you will be paid commensurate with your effective hourly wage.

  • As the primary key holder you will need to be within easy travel distance of the Sheffield venue.

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