Open NVA

The National Videogame Arcade is the home of videogames.

We want the NVA to be a platform for makers, developers, players and public to find out what games are, what games can be and how we can make them better!

We invite you to Open NVA

What is it?

Open NVA is your space to showcase what you do, within The National Videogame Arcade and its events, like GameCityNights and the GameCity Festival. Studios, Developers, Students, Publishers, Writers, Makers, Gamers, Artists - if you have something you would love to show to people, OpenNVA is the place to start!

So what can I showcase?

It’s really up to you! It could be anything from a concept to a finished product. We really like showing ideas that are still in process (and our audiences love it too) so please don’t feel like you have to show a finished thing. Games, art, writing, talks, ideas you want to share… the possibilities are (almost) endless!

How do you decide what to show?

We start off by trying to say yes! We’re limited in space and we try and balance work to excite our audience, but we want to help people who are making work to show it to people.

Where can I show my stuff?

We have a variety of spaces available and they’re changing and growing all the time…

  • The Lobby is a large open space where visitors are first welcomed to The National Videogame Arcade; We’ve hosted presentations and talks, demos, the GameCity Festival, media events, even impromptu Lemon Jousts!
  • The Early Access Greenhouse is our space in Gallery 3 for showcasing as-yet unfinished games and getting direct feedback from curious visitors.
  • GameCityNights, is our regular monthly show where we can provide you with a space to show an audience what you’ve been working on, test it out and get valuable feedback.
  • The GameCity Festival is our acclaimed annual festival which takes place every October, giving you the opportunity to put your work in front of our brilliant festival crowd.


If that all sounds excellent to you, then get in touch using the form. We know they’re tedious but we’d really like you to fill in some details, so we can share information amongst our production team and make sure we keep track of things.