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if your child loves videogames, they'll love Pixelheads...

play games. talk games. make games.


Young people who love sport can join a club. 
Young people who love music can join a band.

Where do you go if you love videogames?


Pixelheads is the young persons' community at the NVA. 



It's about playing videogames, learning how they work and how they're different from each other. 
You get to play lots of different kinds of games, many of which you won't see at home. 

It's about making new friends who all love games and sharing ideas with each other. 

If you want to, it's also about learning how to make stuff. There are lots of creative skills that go into making videogames, not just coding. 

The main engine that drives Pixelheads is our weekly Saturday club, but there's also lots of activities in the holidays and half-term. 

It's free to join, just pay for whatever sessions you attend. 

You can find out more here!