The Incredible Playable Show returns!

This Christmas at the National Videogame Arcade we don’t have a panto – but something even better!

Alistair Aitcheson is returning with The Incredible Playable Show, a live interactive performance for all the family which was the smash-hit of the GameCity festival.

Recently featured on BBC Click, the show invites players onto the stage as the audience become a part of the game! Zapping barcodes, becoming Power Rangers with wifi-belts and shouting at hedgehogs to make them jump – by the end of the show the whole audience will be helping each other to crack hidden codes.

This is gaming unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s physical, it’s social, it’s funny and it’s outrageous. The Incredible Playable Show will surprise you, delight you and open your eyes about what video games can be!

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