The NVA Shop wants YOU!

Just before Christmas we popped up with a new, improved but still very much first version of the NVA shop. It's something we'd been wanting to do for a while, but it was only once our friends at funstock retro got involved, that we were really able to push ahead quick. 

 George, seen here modelling a highly desirable mug (and beard).   

George, seen here modelling a highly desirable mug (and beard).   

Ever since it opened, we've been pedalling hard to keep updating it with more of the things you want and also more of the things you didn't even know you COULD get. Limited editions, signed items, unique objects - we really want our shop to be the centre of gravity for all things videogame retail. It's going to take us a little while to get there, but under the expert leadership of George and his retail team, we're already well on the way.  

One of the things that's most important about the NVA is that it's a conversation. We learn most when we talk to you, so we want to do that with the shop too. Please don't hesitate to drop by and give us your ideas for things that you'd like to see us stocking. 

You can keep up to speed with all the new developments on the NVA Shop page on this site.  



Do you make brilliant things? 

If you're a maker, and you make brilliant things that you think might be of interest to NVA visitors, then get in touch NOW! George is standing by and eager to hear from crafters, makers, designers of all kinds who make things that are awesome. We need your help to make this the best possible NVA shop it can be!

Get in touch at and we'll get right back to you!  

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