Welcome to NVA Parents



Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about how the NVA can be more useful for parents. Earlier this week we put up a short questionnaire asking for your ideas and advice about how to make the NVA the best possible place for you and your kids.

We’ve had an amazing response, and we wanted to act right away on what you’ve asked for.


We know that you know there are lot of benefits for your kids playing videogames. From learning creative skills, to socialising, to being inspired to create their own - videogames can offer a rich and unique activity for people to explore and enjoy.


But, we also know that videogames come with complications, challenges and questions. They’re not always the easiest things to deal with.

That’s why today, we’re announcing - “NVA Parents”.


These are just some of the things you suggested in your feedback:


  • “Direct us towards games that we can play with our kids!”

  • “Make it easier (cheaper! for us to attend more things!”

  • “Create more activities at weekends and after-school”

  • “Support me in understanding the games that my kids love”

  • “Hold drop-in sessions where we can get advice on games from experts”

  • “Help me understand xbox live permissions”

  • “Create a special parent & child membership for the NVA”

  • “Offer more kids workshops and out-of-school clubs”

  • “Help me understand how to talk to my kids about social networks and videogames”


There’s a lot more too, so we’d better get started quick...


What’s NVA Parents?

There’s going to be a combination of published resources on our website, events and drop-in meetings at the NVA and hopefully it’ll form a useful community where we can communicate with each other.

Responding directly to your feedback, we’re also going to be creating a new series of workshops and clubs for young people, more on that VERY soon.


We’re going to kick things off with our first NVA drop-in session, especially for parents.

This isn’t really about expert advice; it’s about sharing experiences of videogames and families, having a chat about how videogames are in your home and finding new ways to make use of them.
We’re especially excited to let you know that we’ve got a very special guest for the first one, NVA regular and Gogglebox vicar Kate Bottley.

Kate has been a regular visitor to the NVA since we opened and is generous with sharing her experiences of videogames at home, but she also really wants to learn about yours.

This is a free event, but we are asking you to register in advance to guarantee yourself a seat!


As ever, if you’ve any thoughts or ideas about this don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Welcome to NVA Parents!


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