Welcome to Monument Valley announced


Welcome to Monument Valley



The National Videogame Foundation today announced the third show in its acclaimed 2017 Season, ‘Welcome to Monument Valley’.

One of the most critically acclaimed titles of the decade, Monument Valley set new standards for accessible, beautiful game design. Monument Valley 2 was released earlier this year.

This exclusive exhibition features never-before-seen design documents from the creators of the game, twinned with beautiful documentary photography by Gareth Dutton capturing the process. 

Iain Simons, CEO of the National Videogame Arcade commented, “It’s a huge and unique privilege to be able to share the process, people and passion behind the making of this incredible game with our visitors. Welcome to Monument Valley is once again a different approach to interpreting videogames for the NVA, which we’re really excited about.”

Adrienne Law, producer of Monument Valley 2 at ustwo games said, "Often the process of creating video games can seem intimidating or unknowable, and the human element of the development story is lost. We hope that NVA visitors will enjoy exploring this exhibition,  and the images and objects that defined our personal journeys while bringing the world of Monument Valley 2 to life."

‘Welcome to Monument Valley’ opens at the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham on December 15th. 

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