Hello Words and the City of Literature

Hello Words is a writing group with a difference. It’s a place for writers who agree that while stories need a beginning, a middle and an end, they don’t necessarily need to be in that order, or the same every time you read them. Hello Words is based at the National Videogame Arcade, because the NVA understands that videogames can be made out of words as well as graphics. Hello Words is part of Nottingham City of Literature, because CoL understands that stories can be playable as well as readable, digital as well as paper.  


Our members work in many different formats (Twine, ChoiceScript, InkleWriter, Inform7 to name but a few) and have many different levels of coding ability (from none at all to professional programmer!) Hello Words’ aim is to bring together writers already working in interactive forms with writers who want to, creating an environment where everyone can learn together. In many ways, we’re just like any other writing group – we read each other’s work, feed back on it, discuss relevant competitions, techniques and principles of writing and generally support each others’ creative work. The difference is, our writing is playable. 


If you’d like to build a better world with words quite literally, join us at the NVA on the second Thursday of every month. All welcome. (Bring a laptop to work on digital things, although pen and paper game-stories are also very welcome!) You can find out more about Hello Words here: https://medium.com/hello-words or sign up for the next session here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hello-words-tickets-30027600361

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