Experience Mixed Reality Storytelling this February!


All this February NVA visitors are invited to come and experience a new exhibit, Mixed Reality Storytelling, from our friends at the Mixed Reality Lab from the University of Nottingham. 

It's all about digital footprints, looking at the way technology can alter our relationship with real-world objects. The MRL team are experimenting with techniques that can add more depth to an activity, without getting in the way of just doing it. The focus of the experiment you'll see at the NVA is tabletop wargaming, but it could be applied in lots of places. (Perhaps even a gallery...)

The centrepiece exhibit invites you to use a tablet to explore "The last stand of the Argo", an awesome Warhammer 40,000 Diorama. As well as looking at the exciting scene, the tablet allows you to explore some of the stories contained within it even deeper. As you scan your camera across the crash-site, new content about the miniatures is revealed showing you even more of the story. It's brilliant! 

 Loki getting scanned!

Loki getting scanned!

The project is about extending physical exhibits with new 'footprints' which are created by players. As well as new miniatures being scanned in, players have also created new stories about them. You can view all of these in the 'footprint archive'.

But that's not all...


As well experiencing the exhibit and archive, NVA visitors are also invited to bring in their own miniature objects to be scanned. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you'll be able to go home with your own highly detailed 3d model that's yours to use anywhere you like in the future and create your own stories about it!

Just to prove how cool this is, check out Olivia's Loki miniature, Normally it lives on the reception desk, but now it'll live on FOREVER on the internet!


Come down and experience the exhibit yourself anytime this February, we'll be sure to share your stories as you create them too!

Many thanks to the Mixed Reality Lab for hosting the exhibition here. 



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