Bring your Little Friends to the NVA this half-term

 Imagine if this was YOUR little friend. Go on..

Imagine if this was YOUR little friend. Go on..

Tens of thousands of humans visit the NVA every year. Now it’s time to welcome their little friends too.

Action figures, plushies, tabletop miniatures, Amibo, little teddies, dolls, bobbleheads - all are welcome!

This half-term we want you to bring your little friends to the NVA and we’ll bring them to life.

Virtual Reality experts from the Mixed Reality lab will 3d-scan them, transforming them into a vr model for you to share with your human friends forever. Not only that, but we're going to publish all of them, with your accompanying stories, on the NVA website in a special  Little Friends gallery.

Now, here's the really cool part...

BIG friends!

Later this year, you'll get the chance to see your mini friends again in a special VR exhibition. But they’ll have grown!
You'll enter an amazing new VR world where your friend is the same size as you are!

Here's some guidelines for your little friend.

  • Make sure it's no more than 7 x 7 inches! 
  • It can't be TOO reflective as those ones are tricky to scan...
  • It can't be transparent - eg. Made of glass.
  • It can’t be alive!

We can't wait to meet your little friends!
This activity is running for ALL of half-term at the NVA,
running Friday 10th - Sunday 19th from 10am-6pm. 

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