Announcing International Dizzy Day!

Join the National Videogame Arcade as we celebrate 30 years of Dizzy with a brand new exhibition and exclusive events!

In 1987, Philip and Andrew Oliver unleashed Dizzy upon the world. This lovable egg would go on to become Europe's best-loved videogame character. After thirty years, millions of sales, and countless no.1 selling games later, the Oliver Twins have teamed up with the National Videogame Arcade to hatch plans for a special new exhibition and series of events to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Opening on 8 April, 'Dizzy's Eggshellent Eggshibit' allows visitors to the NVA to:

  • Explore how Dizzy games were created as the Oliver Twins open up their archive to the NVA. Zoom in to the individual pixel-level and investigate the Yolkfolk character designs and puzzles. Hear them talk about their inspiration and the tools they created to code for different systems and design graphics and animation.
  • Take a step back and drink in the original, hand-drawn paper maps that show how all the details come together to make the fantasy world of Zakeria. The NVA's patented combination of engineering skill and magic, will bring these 1980s maps to life using cutting-edge technology.
  • Immerse themselves in a recreation of the Oliver Twins' studio, complete with their curtains, where they coded the Dizzy games on their actual Amstrad CPC. See their family photos, design documents, reviews and even the monitor they won in The Saturday Show’ Design a Game competition in 1983.

And of course, play a host of Dizzy games on their original hardware platforms. Find out the whole story here!


You'll be able to experience the National Videogame Arcade and the brand new Dizzy exhibition for the usual day ticket price, but if you want to hear the talks and be amongst the first the play the NEW Dizzy game, you'll need to book here!


In order to guarantee your seat in the TWO Oliver Twins' presentations, get yourself a Dizzy Day talk ticket.

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