Pixelheads Begins!

Pixelheads, our new community for young people at the NVA kicked off on Saturday and it was brilliant.

You've probably heard a lot of discussion about the importance of learning coding and computer science in the media, that's something we're obviously very interested in at the NVA. But videogames aren't just about coding. This is for young people who might be interested in writing, design, animation, music, art, sound... All the things that games are made of...

With Pixelheads, we're making a new kind of videogame club, one that's about talking, playing and making videogames. We want to make a place where young people talk and think about games too, as well as socialise and learn how to make stuff.

At Pixelheads, people play games, talk about design, learn how to express ideas about games, all as a runway to exploring their own creativity.

Here's some of the things that happened in the first session:

  • We played some JS Joust! A great ice-breaker, although they still wanted to keep playing this instead of having a break...
  • We played Space Invaders and talked about how it worked. Then we played Galaga and Phoenix to see how they took the design of Space Invaders and developed it further.
  • We took the ideas of Space Invaders and prototyped a new game in Twine together.
  • We played some more JS Joust...

It worked really, really well and we're going to keep developing the programme and report back here.

We'd love your child to get involved in Pixelheads. It's free to register as part of the community, you just pay for the sessions you want to attend.

Hope to see you soon!

NVA Parentsiain simons