The Collider Workshop took place at the Genome Campus

We were privileged to deliver a workshop at the Wellcome Genome Campus earlier this week. Collider is a programme we run with the Wellcome Trust which brings together the science and videogame community to explore ideas and create new games. This one was anchored around exploring the idea of games as performances, using the concept of ‘Live Text Adventures’ a format we’ve played around with a lot over recent years at GameCity, as a starting point.


Five brilliant games people met five brilliant Scientists and we talked, workshopped and enthusiastically *made* some new ideas happen. Have a look through the pictures and video, shot by Mark Hanson, to get a feel of what happened. It’s an inspiring place to work.


It’s sometimes tricky getting new groups of people, particularly from completely different backgrounds, to get along and start being creative together but this team were remarkable. In just over 12 hours, we created some great new ideas.


It’s a real privilege to work on this project with Wellcome and we look forward to delivering more!

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