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Do you remember Where's Wally?

Hidden Folks is a game like that, but black and white and interactive: find little people in tiny landscapes, by lifting doors, pressing buttons, and shaking trees.

Scour beautifully detailed, busy animated worlds looking for different characters and items. Tap to hear their stories and clues, move cars and objects out the way to discover new secrets, hidden buttons and most importantly hidden folks!

Adriaan is a game designer best known for experimental games like Bounden and Fingle, which move people out of the normal space of videogames by challenging players to dance, hold hands, and share physical interactions.

He first saw the amazing illustrations by designer Sylvain Tegroeg at his graduation expo, and jokingly told him they should make a game together... Hidden Folks is the result!

The multitude of sound effects you can hear in game are all made by Adriaan, experimenting using just his own voice and mouth! All the sprites are hand drawn by Sylvain.