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Ever wanted to be Maverick in Top Gun?

After Burner
Yu Suzuki, Sega, 1987.


After Burner is probably the closest many of us will get. Pilot an F-14 Tomcat jet and take out enemy aircraft with a machine gun or heat-seeking missiles. Undertake dizzying loops and dodges to avoid enemy fire. Enemy squadrons become larger, tougher, and better armed, until only the most skilful pilots can hope to survive.

On release, After Burner was lauded for its detailed depictions of aircraft, brightly coloured landscapes, and spectacular explosions. It certainly holds up surprisingly well today, perhaps because of its crisp, cartoon-like aesthetic.

Designer Yu Suzuki was responsible for many other Sega arcade classics including driving simulator Out Run and 3D fighting game Virtua Fighter, plus legendary console titles such as Shenmue, which he worked on as director and producer.


More about After Burner

A version of After Burner is available to play free online at You should also keep an eye on the ‘Sega Forever’ mobile app releases, as games from Sega’s back catalogue are constantly being added, so it’s surely only a matter of time before you have After Burner in the palm of your hand. But of course, for the best After Burner experience , we recommend our very own arcade cabinet!

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