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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Lucasarts, 1992.


Point and Click.
The perfect combination.


'Point and Click' adventures, so called because of the way they were played with the mouse, were once a hugely popular form of videogame. Perhaps the greatest studio making them was Lucasarts, the videogame arm of LucasFilm set up to explore videogame versions of their world-famous characters and worlds. 


The engine they created to build their adventures was called SCUMM (it's an acronym for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion - so called because it was a tool they created to help author an earlier game, 'Maniac Mansion'). The format proved so popular that the studio released lots of games in the format, including 'The Secret of Monkey Island' and 'Full Throttle'.  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is one of the very best examples of the SCUMM games, in which character, animation, plot and humour come together to seamlessly extend the world of the film into the game. 


Ambitiously, the game featured three completely unique story paths, 'team', 'wits' and 'fists' - each offering not just a different story, but a very different gameplay experience. 'Team' gives you an associate in your adventure, 'wits' presents you with lots of puzzles and 'fists' challenges the player with an abundance of action - just like Indy would have wanted.


Of course, you're not going to have time to play the entire adventure in your visit to the NVA, but we strongly recommend you play through the opening titles sequence. To date it remains one of the funniest, most perfectly realised fusions of videogames and cinema ever created. Notice the way that the game carefully times the pratfalls that Indy takes and how perfectly the soundtrack syncs with the action. 

It's one of the best 5 minutes you'll spend in videogames. 


More about Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Play the game:
If you want to play the game today (and you should!), it's available on Steam for Mac and PC. 

View the sprites:
You can check out some of the character sprites from the game here
The Lucasarts games were famous for their character animation, and these sprite sheets are a great way to get a closer look. 

We've recommended this before, and probably will do again. 
You can play SCUMM games at home by downloading SCUMMVM, an emulator programme that allows your computer to run the original code on modern machines. 

If you hop over to the site, it'll give you everything you need - including the free code for some classic SCUMM games. 

We recommend downloading 'Beneath A Steel Sky', Revolution Software's cyberpunk classic. 

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