Football Manager : Content Creator Day!

The countdown to the opening of the NVA Football Manager exhibition is now well underway, production is in full-swing on the exhibits, boxes are being shipped along motorways, databases are being refined...

We're planning a whole host of events around the FM show, and we're delighted to be able to announce the first one here!

Football Manager Content Creator Day!

Saturday 16th September, 10-6*

A ENTIRE day of FM Content Creator awesomeness, hosted by lollujo and Loki Doki with a bunch of other creators about to be announced. 

Let's let lollujo explain things...



  • Q&A with lollujo and Loki Doki - Football Manager YouTubers with over 7million views between them!

  • Community meet-up for Football Manager content creators - YouTubers, streamers, bloggers and viewers!

  • An ideal opportunity to meet up with your favourite YouTubers, your subscribers or to arrange collaborations

  • More content creators to be announced as soon as we can confirm them!


Here's what lollujo has to say about it : 

"I've been a big fan of the NVA since it first opened, and have already visited a number of times, it's always a great day. As soon as I heard about the FM Exhibition I knew I wanted to be involved in it in some way, and hosting the biggest Football Manager community meet-up we've ever seen is massively exciting. It's going to be a great day, not least because we can final decide once and for all who has the best beard in FM - me or Loki Doki."

To take part in the day, all you need is a standard day-ticket for the NVA - but we'd advise you buy them soon. This is going to be busy...



* and then into the evening, let's be honest...

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