Thank you!

Thanks For Another Incredible Summer!

So much happened and there's so much more to come...


No, Really


Thanks to each and every one of you for making our Summer so utterly brilliant. Thousands of you came to visit, eat toasties and take part in our workshops and events.


Game Maker for Grownups was a big hit, as were many of our PixelHead activities. If you have a young PixelHead at home, why not send them along to one of our regular Saturday meetups? They just keep on going all year round.


Don't Forget!

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Our brand new Football Manager exhibition launches right here on Friday evening with a special event with Miles Jacobsen and Ov Collyer.  AND we'll be announcing our NEXT exhibition soon too, so stay tuned for that!


Then, on Saturday, industry legend Ian Livingstone will be delivering a games writing masterclass at Nottingham Central Library. Don't miss out.

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And Finally...


We're having a year off GameCity this year, but we’ll be back better than ever in 2018.


As Glastonbury would say, 'we're letting the grass grow back!'

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