2017: The year of 1000 cups of tea

Thanks to YOU, our clients and customers, we’ve had a fantastic year full of happy businesses and happy clients! From stag-dos to birthday parties, film screenings and videogame tournaments, to workshops and corporate away days, we've had a busy busy year hosting over 100 companies at The National Videogame Arcade and by our calculations, serving just under 1000 cups of tea and coffee! (that's enough tea to fill up a household bath)

Some of this years clients have included

This was an amazing team building activity and perfect after a day of presenting. Callum was an excellent host; enthusiastic and patient as we made our own game controllers out of potatoes and bananas! Everyone commented on what a fun activity it was - so thanks to the team for suggesting it
— Rebecca Williams, Colgate

The Big Corporate Hire

Colgate hired the entire building for their annual conference, and we got them involved in one of our famous Makey Makey sessions as part of their day. This involved them using toothpaste to play a piano! See the pics from the day.

The Extra Special Birthday Party

If we had to choose a single event that was the highlight of the year it would have to be hosting Ben’s 21st Birthday Party in June. He’s a regular who visits the galleries a lot, he has Autism and The NVA has been a place where he can be himself, and become a bit more independant. We had a fantastic evening and family and friends flew in from all over the world to celebrate, Ben of course turned up to his party dressed as Mario.

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