The Visitor’s Book. 


The NVA started here with you.

We’ve been in Nottingham over three years, had the most amazing time and made thousands of new friends - you’re probably one of them. 

We’re incredibly proud of everything that the NVA in Nottingham is and aspires to be, so we wanted to try and capture what it is before closing the doors that final time. 

We want to gather together your thoughts and memories of the NVA in Nottingham, to create a final visitors book to remember it by. Favourite events, moments, workshops, projects, exhibits, pieces of toast - anything that sums up your experience of the place. 

  • They can be as long or as short as you like, 
  • they can take whatever form you like, 
  • you can send us words AND pictures (we love seeing photos of fun you’ve had here)
  • and if you want to do it anonymously, that’s fine too!

We’d be grateful and honoured if you’d leave us your contributions by uploading them here

We’ll share the visitors book (online and in whatever other formats are exciting!) on the day that we close in Nottingham. 

Whilst we’ll never forget the experience of opening and running the NVA with you all, it won’t hurt to have a little something to jog our memories in years to come…

As ever, thank you all so much for making the NVA in Nottingham what it is. 

See you soon!

-The NVA team

Rebecca Maher