Summer at the NVA

We have now released our Summer Program of Activities!!! This includes workshops and free activities covering a different theme each week. We kick off the holidays with RETRO WEEK. Followed by NINTENDO, MARVEL VS. STAR WARS, ANALOGUE and HARRY POTTER WEEK.


commencing 30th July

EVERY DAY during Retro Week we will we will be reviving our Highscore Hero challenge. Each day, Try your best to get a highscore on our chosen game to become our Highscore Hero!

Pixel Sprite Workshop

Tuesday 31st July, 1pm - 2:30pm
Learn to make your own Pixel Art

As part of our celebrations we will be running a workshop that will teach you how to create and animate your own pixel art sprites!

Pixel sprites are important assets when creating 2D games. The sprites you will create in this session can be used in our Gamemaker workshop!

This is a creative workshop and no programming experience is necessary.

Gamemaker Workshop

Thursday 2nd August, 10am - 4pm
Learn how to make your own 2D retro game

Come and learn how to make your own 2D retro game using Gamemaker Software.

Gamemaker has been used by professional game developers around the world to create stunning games. Popular titles include Undertale and Nidhogg!

This workshop is perfect for those who are starting out or looking to move on from Scratch. No previous programming experience is necessary to take part in this workshop.

(This workshop is a full day workshop. Participants may want to bring a packed lunch or consider using our Cafe facilities)


commencing 6th August

EVERY DAY during Nintendo Week we will be having a Pokemon hunt! Catch all the Pokemon in the Galleries to become a Pokemon Master!

Level Design Workshop

Wednesday, 8th August, 11am - 12:30pm
Design your own level!

Explore level designs in our favourite Nintendo games and have a go at designing your own level using Scratch! Scratch is a wonderful tool to start your programming journey.

No previous programming experience necessary.


Pokemon Charity Fundraiser

Saturday, 11th August, 10am - 5pm
Pokemon craft stall - create your own Pokemon Terrarium or headwear!


commencing 13th August

EVERY DAY during Marvel vs. Star Wars week we will be having a Team Battle! Pick your team and earn points by playing our games.

3D Modelling Workshop

Wednesday, 15th August, 1pm - 3pm
Learn the basics of 3D modelling

Light saber? Tesseract? Millenium Falcon? Infinity stone? Which one will you create?

Learn the basics of 3D modelling using the software Blender.

Earn points for your chosen team by taking part in this brand new workshop!


Facepainting at the NVA!

Saturday, 17th August, 10am - 5pm
Get your face painted as your favourite hero!


commencing 20th August

Dungeon Master world creation Workshop

Thursday, 23rd August 1pm - 3pm
Learn how to build a world that will engage, immerse and captivate your players.

You find yourself in a village called Ebongate. Thin rickety wooden houses line the cobbled streets and figures dressed in dark hug the shadows, waiting for you to step just one toe out of place so they can strike. Meager old ladies sit in porches, eyeing you suspiciously as you walk by, perhaps plotting to curse you for looking at them in the wrong way.

You push the door to the only tavern in town. The smell inside hits you like a hurricane, and you choke. A mean-looking half orc nods in your direction as you enter, spits in a dulling tankard and rubs a greying rag along its rim.

“Heard any rumours lately?,” you inquire.

Our resident dungeon master will be walking you through how to build a world that will engage, immerse and captivate your players. Come and play a large scale D&D session and learn how tabletop practices can be utilised in video game development.

Story Games Full Day Workshop

Friday, 24th August 10am - 4pm
Learn how to create your own interactive story game.

‘You come to a clearing in the forest… A well lit path leads to the left and a darker, overgrown path leads to the right. Which path will you take..?’

This workshop is about exploring interactive stories. You will learn how to create your own interactive story game using the software Twine. You will develop your creative writing skills as well as learn a little HTML programming to bring your stories to life as interactive games.


Dev Day

Saturday, 25th August 10am - 5pm
Try out new board games and meet the Devs!

Harry Potter Week

commencing 27th August

EVERY DAY during Harry Potter week we will be having a House Cup Contest! Get sorted into your house and play our games to earn house points!


Potion Making Class

Tuesday, 28th August 10am - 5pm
Join our potion master in making some slimey creations!

Stop Motion Animation workshop

Thursday 30th August, 2pm - 4pm
Learn how to make your own stop-motion animations.

Stop motion animation has been utilised in film since The Humpty Dumpty Circus in 1898 and is still popular today, with films like Kubo and the Two Strings, Early Man and Isle of Dogs.

With the film-making technique not looking like it’s going anywhere any time soon, and with video games beginning to utilise the approach (Armikrog and Lumino City being two examples), book yourself a place in this workshop and learn how to make your own stop-motion animations which can be used for YouTube videos, video games or your own short films!


Triwizard Tournament

Friday, 31st August 10am - 5pm
Take part in our challenges to become the triwizard champion!

To learn more about our full workshop schedule for kids, head over to the Pixelheads page.