everything you need to know about our last summer in nottingham, and the move to sheffield

Hello there!

As many of you will know, at the end of this summer the NVA is moving. (You can read all about that below…)

We’re here all summer and we’d dearly love to see you at least one more time, not least, because we’d like to invite you to take part in something...


Info about the move

Your questions answered

following a busy Summer schedule, the NVA is going to close in Nottingham and move to Sheffield.

For us, that triggers a lot of emotions and for our regular visitors and friends, you will have a lot of questions. Here are some you might be asking.

Already Visited?

Please sign our visitors book!

We’re incredibly proud of everything that the NVA in Nottingham is and aspires to be, so we wanted to try and capture what it is before closing the doors that final time.

We want to gather together your thoughts and memories of the NVA in Nottingham, to create a final visitors book to remember it by. Favourite events, moments, workshops, projects, exhibits, pieces of toast - anything that sums up your experience of the place. .

Our Last Summer in Nottingham

See what we have planned!

Throughout the summmer we are running workshops and free activities covering a different theme each week. We kick off the holidays with RETRO WEEK. Followed by NINTENDO, MARVEL VS. STAR WARS, ANALOGUE and HARRY POTTER WEEK.

The Leaving Do

You're all invited...

6pm-10pm on Saturday 1st September, we will be opening up our building to the public for the final time!

We want one last party with all of you at our current location to say goodbye before our big move.

We couldn't have done this amazing and fun venture without you all, and we really would love to see you for one last time before we close our doors!