The national videogame arcade Galleries

The National Videogame Arcade has three carefully curated galleries, taking you through some of the most interesting videogames of the past, present and future.
This isn't a traditional museum though... Our games aren't behind glass, we want you to experience and play as much as you can.
From vintage arcade cabinets, to Virtual Reality to cutting-edge independent titles that aren't even finished yet - we're here to show you that there's something in videogames for everyone

More importantly, we want to inspire you to make your own...

Tickets for admission to our galleries can be booked in advance online, or at the ticket desk on the day of your visit.

We also sell Ticket Vouchers if you need that special gift! These can also be purchased online or at the ticket desk.


welcome to monument valley

One of the most acclaimed tablet games series of the last few years, this exclusive exhibition takes you inside ustwo games, creators of Monument Valley.

An amazing collection of beautiful portrait and process photography, this is a room to take your time in...

(Oh, and don't forget to get your photo taken with the awesome DOORTEM on your way in! )

The Hall of Inputs


Videogames can be controlled in lots of different ways and the Hall of Inputs has most of them!

Strap in and race Sonic with a steering wheel.
Solve puzzles as Indiana Jones with a mouse.
Save the world by fighting missiles with a trackball.
Get your groove on in the music room.

We're adding new ways to play all the time!



'The Lab' is a new room about game making, game experiments and games in development.

Play games exclusive to the NVA, games that aren’t finished, some that don’t even work properly and give feedback to developers before they release. This is your chance to be our very own Alpha testers!




Travel through the story of videogames, as told in things ! The Magnavox Odyssey, Commodore 64, pirated home cassettes, gold master discs - this gallery has them all to discover - and lots more!