• Fantastic place. Spent all day here. Great for young and old alike. The staff are brilliant.
    — julie, facebook
  • The national gallery of videogames
    — the independent
  • pioneering, inclusive and celebratory, the nva redefines the videogame arcade
    — the guardian
  • you know when you find a good thing? this is one of those things...
    — stuart, facebook
  • fantastic games for both young and old. best place for gang beasts... according to my seven year old
    — rich, google
  • ...made my son's birthday extra special.
    — zoe, facebook
  • the exhibits were fantastic but what really stood out was how amazing all of the staff are. everybody was so jolly and couldn't do enough to help out
    — gavin, tripadvisor
  • this place has enabled my son to 'socialise' through gaming. Yes... socialise!!!
    — michelle, facebook
  • my son would love to spend all day every day here! and the courses are great - he had done quite a few different coding courses and really enjoyed them.
    — Nic, tripadvisor


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We're a perfect day-out for the whole family. Don't worry if you're not a hardened gamer, our amazing crew make sure everyone can get involved!


If you're a gamer and care about the past, present and future of videogames then you're going to love the NVA. As well as great and regularly changing exhibitions, we often welcome developers to talk about their work.


It doesn't matter if you're on a school trip, a day-visit or you're a creative person wondering if YOU could make a videogame... The NVA is here to encourage and help you on your journey to make your own videogames.


Businesses love the NVA. From meetings, away-days, corporate hospitality, full-gallery take-over parties and (of course) team-building in Minecraft we've got you covered! Find out all about it on our Corporate page.