An important announcement about the NVA


Hello there.

The NVA has some important news to share - following a busy Summer schedule, the NVA is going to close in Nottingham and move to Sheffield.

For us, that triggers a lot of emotions and for our regular visitors and friends, you will have a lot of questions. Here are some you might be asking.

Why are you moving from Carlton St?

We’ve had a fantastic run in Nottingham but we’ve been finding it increasingly hard to work in our lovely but eccentric listed building. It needs more attention than we can give to it, more staff to help visitors navigate its unique layout, more space for our growing collection and more money to keep it operational. This makes everything a lot harder than it should be - ultimately, too hard.

We’ve had an amazing time at Carlton St, but we’re excited about the next chapter.

Okay, but why can’t you stay in Nottingham?

We looked at options in the city, but we couldn’t find anything that gave us exactly what we need to build and grow our unique visitor experience, the only playable museum in the country.

This has been a really hard decision for us. Nottingham is our home, it’s been incredibly kind and supportive to us but we need to take the next big step forward, especially now we’re at the heart of this exciting new national agency for games, the BGI.

But we’re not disappearing, we’re changing and will continue to be a part of Nottingham in different and new ways.

We ARE planning to keep an education and research facility based in Nottingham, as well as bringing back GameCity / GameCityNights and other events. More news on all that very soon.

What about Pixelheads?

Pixelheads is 100% going to be stay based in Nottingham and is starting to appear in multiple new locations across Nottinghamshire, most recently at Beeston Library. If anything, our young person / family game-making activity is going to be expanding. It’s one of our favourite things.

I’ve got more questions! Feel free to drop me an email.


We want to thank everyone that has supported us and been a part of the NVA over the last three and a bit years. The institutions, investors, patrons, Nottingham City Council, Confetti - all of you have been incredibly supportive and generous towards us and breathing life into the NVA.

Most of all though, we’d like to thank you for coming along. Without your support, the NVA would never have been able to exist. We’re blessed to have the most amazing community of visitors in the world, and we’re really looking forward to celebrating our next chapter with you over this summer.

In Sheffield, in Nottingham and around the UK. We’re going to continue to create amazing experiences for you, for as long as you want to come along.

With love and thanks,

-The NVA team

Rebecca Maher