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Pixelheads: Getting Started with Scratch


Interested in starting to learn programming?

Join us for a intro to Scratch, a 3 hour workshop dedicated to getting you to grips with starting to use your first programming language.

Scratch is a visual programming language that allows you to easily create playable games, and offers a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming.

This introductory workshop shows you how to get going with Scratch. Students will design and write their own scripts, create characters and experiment with motion, looks, sound, data, events, control, and operators.

No previous programming knowledge is needed, just ideas and enthusiasm!

We have a laptop available for each participant, but if you want to bring your own, please make sure you have downloaded Scratch before you arrive (It is free!). We keep our class sizes small, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Please note that this is a PixelHeads event, so all attendees must be signed up to the PixelHeads Association before they arrive.